One You

One You is a campaign from Public Health England to help change the way we live our lives.  Making small changes now can improve our health right away and double our chances of staying healthy as we get older.  It’s never too late to start.

Moving more

Join the local gym, attend classes or go swimming; for your local Brio Leisure centre or for more information:

For further information on local activities: For cycling and walking information:

For information on Parks and Greenspaces:

For further hints and tips on Moving More:

Being Smokefree

To find your local stop smoking service: For more advice on becoming Smokefree:

Eating well

For your local weight management service: For hints and tips on Eating Well:

Drinking less

Use the seven day checker to find out how many units you are drinking: For advice on alcohol: And for information on alternative fluids: If you are concerned about yours or someone else’s drinking habits: For hints and tips on Sleeping Well, Checking yourself and Stress less:

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