Cheshire Map Adventure

Discover how to search for places, people and plots of land on maps over 170 years old. Submit your answers to to be in with a chance to win a £20 book voucher. All the answers to these questions can be found on the Cheshire Tithe Maps website. Competition is from Monday 24 May until the end of Monday 28 June.
  1. Find where you live and let us know what the land was used for.
    HINT enter your postcode in the top search box on the left, under Location. Click on where you live on the modern map and move the circle to the right to see the plot of land on the tithe map. Read the information box to answer the question. Zoom in and out and drag the map around to explore your local area if you want!
  2. Search for the historic township Caughall, Backford, and find plot number 9. Where are you on the modern map?
    HINT click on the drop-down menu under Historic Township to find Caughall.
  3. What street in Chester did Samuel Onions occupy in 1848?
    HINT click on Search Tithe Maps by Person on the left and enter his name in Occupier. Click on the record to see it on the tithe map. The street name is above plot number 525.
  4. Search for land owned by the Northwich Union. What is now on the site of the 'Poor House'?
    HINT click on Search Tithe Maps by Person and type Northwich Union into the Owner surname box.
  5. There are two plots of land called 'Cat Butt' in Great Boughton, but what is the transport feature that runs between them?
    HINT click on Search Tithe Maps by Plot. Zoom out to see between plots 72 and 90.

Optional challenge

Watch this 11 minute YouTube video to learn about tithe maps and what else you can do on the website.

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